Talking about Qt and Computer Vision at QtCon Brasil 2018

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I had the opportunity to participate in QtCon Brasil 2018 as a speaker during the last weekend. It happened in São Paulo, which is a city that I haven’t visited for a long time. My talk was about the integration of Qt applications and Computer Vision, specially focused on the mobile environment with QtQuick and QML.

During my presentation, I was focused on introducing some concepts to the people who just have heard or never had contact with Computer Vision. I talked a little bit about OpenCV, including an brief explanation about its modules and how they work, and I presented a little example of object recognition application made with QML (the code is available in the repository).

The event was awesome. A good number of my KDE friends were there, so we talked about the community and shared some ideas. I also had the opportunity to meet people from companies that work with Qt here in Brasil. The talks given in the event were very good, including a vast number of topics related to the application of Qt in several areas such as embedded systems, mobile, cloud computing, games, robotics and airplane simulations :).

After this presentation, I’m very enthusiastic to contribute to a Qt for Vision module. As I’ve seen after this presentation, there are a good number of people interested in it. This will provide a way to make Qt independent of external CV libraries for a group of applications. But before that, I have to finish my final project of my graduation, haha. One more plan for the future!

Here you can see a link to my slide: Computer Vision with QtQuick and OpenCV

And below you can take a look at photos from my presentation:


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