Google Code-in 2018 - My First Experience as a Mentor in KDE

1 minute read


During the last months I had the opportunity to participate in Google Code-in 2018 as a mentor for the KDE Community. I’ve created tasks and assisted pre-university students aged from 13 to 17 in their first contributions to free software projects.


My focus was on KDE Partition Manager, because I’m contributing to it as a developer since the last year (by the way, tomorrow I will be completing my first year as a KDE contributor, yay!). So the tasks that I’ve created were focused specially on some parts of KPM that I have a solid knowledge and a good codebase like LVM, RAID and SMART support.

Here is the list of tasks that I’ve submitted for this GCi:

  • Test creation of RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 6 and 10

  • Test Volume Group creation GUI and suggest some improvement

  • Test SMART status GUI and suggest some improvement

  • Write a simple manual for the creation process of one of the available RAID levels

  • Write unit tests for LvmDevice

  • Improve the layout of SMART status GUI

  • Build kpmcore and partitionmanager from source

  • Write a simple manual for LVM PV creation process

  • Write a simple manual for LVM VG creation process

  • Write unit tests for SoftwareRAID

As you can see, most of them were focused on testing and code documentation. Unfortunately some students abandoned some of the tasks instances, but we had a good number of completed instances which even made some of the students continue to contribute, not only with tests or documentation, but with code! :)

As it is my first experience as a mentor, I’m very proud of myself for this result. I liked this experience a lot and I’m waiting for more opportunities to help people during their first steps on FOSS with KDE Community.